Halloween Horrors Teaser Trailer 2022

Filmed on the 24th April, I had the pleasure of working with the creative team at Fort Amherst Halloween Horrors to produce a teaser trailer for this year’s Halloween event.

We spent about 5 hours on set working with a selection of actors, and the incredible team of volunteers at Fort Amherst to produce the first of a set of videos to promote this year’s event.

The finished video went live on 4th July 2022 on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram (a square version of the video was created specifically for Instagram)

Stevens Property Sales & Letting : Jarvis Homes Promotional Video

Mill Hill Media has been working with Stevens Property Sales & Lettings and More Than Money for nearly 2 years now. Rather than working on the projects from scratch, I work for them as a remote editor. Someone within their company will film the video they want using drones and mobile phones, and then the footage is sent to me. I’ll edit the footage together, adding graphics, subtitles, and music and, once the project is to their liking, send the finished file back to them for use on their social media channels. This is a video I edited for them which was sent over to me on the 4th May 2022, and was sent back to them fully edited to go live on Facebook by the 6th May 2022.

Circle of Six – Kathleen Courtney and the Suffragettes of Medway

Mill Hill Media was approached by Medway Libraries to film and edit a set of videos for several events over the next year and a half celebrating six females who grew up in the Medway area and have shaped history through their contributions to society.

This was a one person shoot with 3 cameras, and 2 microphones. The editing involved combining my own video footage with the PowerPoint presentations shown on the screen, and then adding in hardcoded subtitles to the video for increased accessibility.

This video was shot on 8th March 2022, and was released on YouTube on the 26th April 2022. There was some lovely feedback on the quality of the video and the engagement from using the multiple camera angles and the overlay of the PowerPoint presentation.

Kent Music presents Orchestra One with Project 27: O1 Fest

Mill Hill Media was approached by Kent Music to film and produce a video for their latest Orchestra One project as, due to Covid restrictions, a live audience was not yet allowed back to watch the final performance.

The project involved a group of of 28 young musicians who, over 4 days, composed and performed their own music inspired by what it would be like at a music festival.

This was a fantastic project to work with, not just for the standard of work produced by the students but also from a technical perspective; I had 3 takes at each piece (with 4 cameras), but without a click track or a musical structure which was set in stone, combining all 3 takes of each piece of music into one was much more of a challenge than a normal live performance.

The production was recorded on the 19th August 2021 and went live on YouTube on the 9th September 2021

DFDS : Set Sail from Dover to France in 2021

In 2020, Mill Hill Media was commissioned by Roch PR to film and edit a selection of videos for DFDS Ferries promoting day travel to France. Working with Sandy Fleming (a former broadcast journalist from BBC & ITV), on the 20th July we spent the day travelling around the Calais region of France visiting several tourist attractions which might be popular for day trippers.

A selection of short 15 second & 30 second videos were created highlighting the individual elements of the trip followed by a longer video showing elements of the entire day. Unfortunately, due to further lockdowns, the video was delayed and only went live on YouTube on 25th Nov 2020.

Filming the Calais Dragon

DFDS partnership to rescue abandoned pets

In early 2020, Mill Hill Media was commissioned by Roch PR to film and edit a video promoting DFDS Ferries‘ partnership with LPA Calais rescuing pets abandoned at Calais. On the 7th January, Sandy Fleming (a former broadcast journalist from BBC & ITV) and I headed to Calais where we visited the LPA centre in Calais, and interviewed a member of the staff from the LPA, a member of staff from DFDS, and also a member of the public in France who has adopted one of the abandoned animals.

A 3 minute video was produced along with an appropriate royalty-free soundtrack and the finished product was released on the DFDS YouTube channel on 24th January 2020

A group photo of the DFDS Team, LPA Team, the adoptee and rescue dog