Kent Music presents Orchestra One with Project 27: O1 Fest

Mill Hill Media was approached by Kent Music to film and produce a video for their latest Orchestra One project as, due to Covid restrictions, a live audience was not yet allowed back to watch the final performance.

The project involved a group of of 28 young musicians who, over 4 days, composed and performed their own music inspired by what it would be like at a music festival.

This was a fantastic project to work with, not just for the standard of work produced by the students but also from a technical perspective; I had 3 takes at each piece (with 4 cameras), but without a click track or a musical structure which was set in stone, combining all 3 takes of each piece of music into one was much more of a challenge than a normal live performance.

The production was recorded on the 19th August 2021 and went live on YouTube on the 9th September 2021